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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

WHITE: Closer 

Dolly has spent a most distraught evening last night watching Closer and is now duly distressed. The whole movie - it was awful. So very sad and so full of that hurt, manipulation and loneliness that threatens at the heel of relationships. Dolly doesn't have the stomach for sad movies about people tormenting each other - it makes her imagine things and feel too much. All that rubbish about it being "real life": Yeah yeah, but why indulge in more sad things, shouldn't we be aspiring to higher, more joyful things! It's all gone a bit masochistical, thinks Dolly.

From now on, she stamps a new new year's resolution to watch only silly, feel-good movies like The Incredibles.

It's more fun to laugh.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

PINK: Run of luck 

Dolly has a rather good run of luck with boys in recent weeks. Suddenly, as the new year dawns fresh, the beautiful boys of KL are emerging from their rocks and coming out to air! Most happy coincidences of late: usually when Dolly least expects it which just makes it all the more a bonus.

For starters, after 1 1/2 years at Fitness First she finally got herself a hot trainer. The past few have either been daggy looking women or skinny men with moustaches. Most unappealing and hardly the inspiration for working hard. This last Sunday though, as she rocked up to the reception and discovered that ooh! this boy was her trainer, she worked extra hard and is now suffering severe muscle over-strain. The things that are done for cute boys. But it was just the antidote to feeling fat and lazy about the gym.

Today: a meeting at a hip up-and-coming fashion institute, with the college manager who is perhaps epitomises everything most unfashionable. Dolly was disgruntled when her alarm rang, and felt so very asleep and bored with herself she almost ran down a Proton on the way to town. Terrible start, she thought. But as Dolly entered the college reception and enquired after the manager for her meeting, a most Desirable Boy marched off authoritatively to look for him and then sat in on the meeting too. Dolly found him so beautiful and distracting she didn't look at him the entire hour they were all cramped in the tiny meeting room. Now she worries he may think her snooty and difficult.

There are adorable indie boys at the dharma centre too, and because they're such nice people without even trying to be, it makes them all the more appealing. One of them also has a cute car; nothing fancy (Dolly is not duly impressed by OTT flashy bling) but the cutest little Honda City in a delectable shade of blue. Of course though, they usually seem quite occupied with fairly important things like contributing to the centre and generally being of those sickeningly good, selfless people who genuinely do things for the good of others. Usually they just sit there with their malas dressed down in their nonchalant grubby indie tshirts oblivious to their own sex appeal. It makes Dolly's flirting seem really rather self-absorbed and ridiculous. (This is also true of the girls there, all of whom are gorgeous but unaware).

Also, abundant episodes of Jamie Oliver getting his hands dirty on the telly. Wonderful.

Well, all this has made for good distracting gazing but really doesn't add well to Dolly's distracted mind of late and her inability to work properly. Imagine, she shall be called up for negligence and will have to blame it on beautiful men!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Words to be obnoxious with

1) ghastly
2) Wall Street Journal
3) facetious
4) Charing Cross
5) yah (the way the posh British MPs would say it)
6) gorgeous
7) extraordinary (pronounced ex-TRAW-dinary, and not as the Americans pronounce it)
8) abysmal
9) distraught
10) common (as in "those people are so...")

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Oh dear, it's been awhile hasn't it? You wouldn't believe it but Dolly has actually been busy. No more lie-ins til 2pm and idle lunches: she's now rushed off her pretty bubblegum pumps in a bid to do everything all at once. It was a new year's resolution to 1) wake up early and 2) make the most of the day. She still finds it hard to rise before 9, but is definitely taking steps to make the most of everyday. One of out two. Not bad.

You also wouldn't believe it but her trip to Nepal has changed her utterly. She's got a foot firmly on a dharma path now and almost on her way to being a Tibetan nun! No no. Not really. Don't panic. Dolly shall forever be Dolly, just with purple mala beads and the promise to practice compassion on a daily basis (or at the very least, not to harm as many people with her sharp tongue). She must point out to you though that it is harder than you think. Not being a bitch, not taking part in salaciously delicious vicious gossip, not screaming at the clueless sales assistant, not exploding at a boyfriend over the phone - it's the hardest thing Dolly's ever had to try doing. And that's without having to do things like 100,000 prostrations and 10 million mantras that traditional lamas do in their training.

But the promise at the end of this? Enlightenment! Which apparently feels something like 50, 000 times better than an orgasm. No more pansying about with this worldly-existence malarky. Instead, discos in heaven with deities with fabulous names like Vajrayogini, Manjushri and Vajyapani. Dolly is all for it! Also, the boys at the dharma centre are cute, the girls are beautiful and Dolly has realised that there actually is something nice about being nice.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

RED: Gong xi gong xi 

Happy new chickeny year, dear readers. The entire city is on holiday, away to celebrate the long, long, long weekend (Wednesday to Sunday!) which means the roads are freeeeeeeeeee and Dolly is speeding around pretending she's queen of the highways.

She had a thought that most of her friends in yonder parts of the world don't get holidays and CNY passes by quite unnoticed, as it did when she was at university. They probably also don't get lots of money in pretty red packets, or the chance to eat so many oranges they get sick. Shame. Dolly spares a thought for them at work, moneyless and without large masses of orange peel growing in neat piles around their homes.

On the other hand, they don't have to suffer that awkward family reunion dinners where one uncle is consciously avoiding another at the kitchen table, and where you are likely to forget who that relative is that is talking so loudly in your ear. Great embarrassment, especially as they would have just given you money. Also, not having to be subjected to the endless Chinese new year tunes that spin on repeat at supermarkets and malls - there is really nothing pleasing to the ear about shrill cymbals, but Dolly supposes that perhaps it gets on in the mood of some imagined Forbidden City? )Personally, she knows she'd prefer it when piped in music returns to its usual Mix FM radio compilations.)

Oh dear, Dolly's being a right whinger isn't she? On New Year's day too! How inauspicious! A new year's resolution hence, to stop complaining. May your chickeny year be filled with lots of golden eggs, pretty feathery things and happy clucking (and the joy, happiness, peace, harmony, wealth, good health, good marriage prospectcs etc etc that the Chinese love so much in their new year cards). And do please, if only for this year, spare a thought for the poor battery chickens every time you're scoffing a KFC family bucket.


Saturday, February 05, 2005

RED: Smiling beautiful people 

Dolly is back from Nepal and had a most fabulous, eye-opening time. The people are beautiful there - gentle and full of peace in their eyes. The Nepalese embody that real sense of that cliche of inner beauty, where people are radiant with their own inner joy and the beauty that develops of wisdom, old age and the simple happy times of their own lives. It is admirable, truly, that in spite of the poverty, and a stark bare life stripped of the habitual comforts we relish, the Nepalese remain stalwart and smiling. Plastic surgery? Botox? Expensive Chanel creams? We should all be taking the lead from the Nepalese: live in the mountains, say prayers into your mala beads and, as one man told Dolly, make being happy "our habit".


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