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Sunday, October 16, 2005

BLACK: The end 

Alright folks. It's been rather slow and painful but Dolly Mixture definitely seems like it's headed towards some sort of sad demise. In between chasing boys and amassing enough freelance work to last her the rest of the decade, Dolly has no time left for writing and she thought it was high time she tipped her fancy beret to her most loyal (and dwindling) fans and readers and said goodbye.

It's been fun and thanks for reading, those of you who've stayed on from the beginning. Dolly'll miss you all. She might reinvent herself somewhere else on some other blog if she can be bothered. Catch her if you can; if not, send her flowers and long emails telling her how much you miss her.
D x x x

Sunday, October 09, 2005

RED: Horny! 

There are JUST TOO MANY hot boys everywhere and a Dolly wants to jump all their bones. JUST so many fantasies to fill the time - how's a girl ever going to get anything else done!?

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